Production programme

Steel weldments manufacture

In our 100 m long production hall, fitted with portal cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 20 tons, we mainly focus on manufacturing custom-made special-purpose machines and their components. We are also engaged in manufacturing and assembling steel constructions. We mainly use standard steel grades, but also austenitic steel, copper or various alloys. Our team of experts in technology, manufacturing and assembly are ready to meet your requirements. The workshop is fitted with a WHN 13 CNC TOS Varnsdorf horizontal boring machine with parameters x=5,000 mm, y=2,500 mm as well as the usual working machines such as horizontal boring HVF 160 with a travel distance of 3,000 mm. The company has its own development capacities aimed at design and technology. Thus we are always able to get the job done using the most appropriate equipment. If our customers require some special technologies that we cannot provide by ourselves, we are able to outsource them.

  • manufacture of special-purpose machines and components
  • manufacture of weldments with up to 20 tons of weight
  • reconstruction and renovation of machinery
  • repairs and refurbishing of centrifuges for the sugar industry and other special-purpose machines

Tool-making workshop

With its manufacturing range ZVU Servis is one of the experts in the tool making branch in our region. We are primarily engaged in custom manufacturing tools and fixtures made of high-grade structural and tool-making steel. Our workshop is fitted with the following equipment: a STYLE CNC milling cutter, type BT-1500 with fourth axis control, STYLE CNC lathe, type Teach-In 510x2000, lathes with turning length of 4 m, gearing shaper OHA 32 CNC, gearing grinder ZSTZ 315 C1 NILES. 

The tool-making workshop hall is fitted with 5 portal cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 2 tons. Carburising and tempering materials are other key activities in our tool-making workshop.

  • manufacture of tools for machining, welding, measurement and calibration
  • manufacture of fixtures
  • spare parts manufacture
  • manufacture of gearing
  • tempering, carburising and heat treating materials