Measuring and calibration

Our specialised centre – the ZVU Servis metrological centre - repairs and calibrates measuring devices, including other metrological operations aimed at prolonging the operation life of measuring devices and saving our customers costs. The costs for calibration include labelling the measuring device with the calibration date or registration numbers. Depending on the customer’s requirements, we either issue a calibration certificate or calibration sheet.
ZVU Servis holds Registration Certificate No. 501-RO-0531/98, issued by the ČMI (Czech Metrological Institute) Pardubice and meets the conditions set by the Metrological Act No. 505/1990 Coll., Article I., Section 5 (6), as amended by Act No. 137/2002. It says: "Users of working measuring devices can achieve continuity of their devices themselves using their main etalons or they can use the services of the Czech Metrological Institute or a centre of calibration or of other users of measuring devices who have the pertinent main etalons linked to the etalons of the Czech Metrological Institute, centres of calibration or to etalons of foreign centres of a comparable metrological level."

We calibrate devices in the following fields:

  • cylindrical plug gauges and straddle testers
  • thread pitch gauges
  • slide gauges (slide, depth gauges)
  • micrometer gauges (all kinds)
  • dial measuring gauge (and digital)
  • measuring devices with indicators
  • tape measures
  • measuring tapes (steel, fiberglass)
  • level indicators
  • special measuring devices (based on drawing documentation)
  • measuring devices for surface roughness
  • angle gauges
  • angle sections
  • levelling instruments - builder's levels, engineering levels
  • special measuring instruments (according to drawings)
  • deformation pressure gauges from 100 kPa to 60 MPa
Electrical quantities
  • welding machines
  • tempering vessels and cases for packaged electrodes