Thanks to its long tradition ZVU is well-known in the Czech Republic as well as on the traditional export markets as a manufacturer of equipment for the food and chemical industries, for ecology and the power industry. The company’s history goes back to 1869 when the First Czech Joint Stock Engineering Factory (První česká akciová strojírna) – Hradec Králové was founded at the site of today’s industrial plants. Over the years the company underwent a large number of partial Organisational integrations, for example in 1921 it became a part of Škodovy závody, Plzeň (Škoda Works), and in 1965 it was integrated into the company Chepos, Brno. However, its main specialisation has always been manufacturing equipment for sugar factories, breweries, steam generators, gas factories and chemical plants.  
In the nineties the company underwent a radical change, which was due to the necessity to adapt the company’s manufacturing process and human resources to the conditions of the newly emerging market economy. It led to a holding-type company - various production specialisations were concentrated in independent subsidiary firms with the aim of making all their activities and processes as effective as possible.
The public limited corporation ZVU was founded in 1997. At first, it focused on operational and servicing activities for the rest of the ZVU holding. Gradually, ZVU Servis has become an independent engineering firm that significantly concentrates on external customers. ZVU Servis has its own manufacturing facilities and if the order requires it, it can enlarge the production and assembly area within the ZVU Group.